How Long Does it Take to Sell a Business?

Not everyone starts a business with the intention to sell a business. Many people begin businesses with the explicit intention to sell them in the future. Others may not initially plan to sell their businesses, but discover over time that selling is the best possible option for the business’s future. But as much as building […]

Business Brokers: The Difference Between Good and Great

business broker

There are many different kinds of brokers and they all serve a specific purpose. Some brokers, for example, specialize in insurance, while others sell cars or homes. But what about business brokers? What does that term mean, and how is it different from other types of brokerages? A business broker’s job is to find the […]

Why Hiring a Business Broker Is an Amazing Idea

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No matter whether you’ve been operating a business for a long time or are now trying to exit, holding onto a business that no longer satisfies you is a losing proposition. You can part with your business amicably and make a lot of money in the process by using business brokers. At any one time, […]